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If you also want your child to be the best, then, in pregnancy, these measures, read the

Hello friends, you are very welcome in this channel.Does every woman want to be a mother? The best moment of every woman happens when she becomes a mother when she adopts her baby.Every mother also wants to My child is a strong-minded man, be fair, beautiful. Today I will tell you the way to be a strong-minded, fair and beautiful child.

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For the beautiful baby almonds, friends know the nutrients found in almonds. If you want to get beautiful baby too, make sure to use almonds during pregnancy. Regularly eat almonds during pregnancy. By consuming almonds, your baby Very beautiful will be born and will be healthy as well.

Survivors of bright sunshine to get a fair child - Friends, every woman's black child wants only, if you too would like your child to be fair. To get your child, avoid the quick sunburn during pregnancy. Pregnant women only in the morning sun Should be lighted, which is very beneficial for pregnant women and for the child born in their womb, Kuke receives vitamin D from the morning sunlight. Vitamin D can not be obtained from food. Direct contact of the sun can affect the color of the baby born in your womb, so pregnant women avoid sharp sunburn.

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To get a blonde child, look at the moon - Friends, if you want a white kid, then see the full Moon of the night. It is believed that pregnant women are living in the same environment as their child is born in the same environment. It goes that if pregnant women see the full moon then their child is born fair; therefore, pregnant women should see the moon every night.

These two things immediately remove the lack of blood in pregnancy

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Nowadays lifestyle and changed lives, changed khan - it does not matter which pani used to be before. Changing the way of eating food, people have not had the same strength as before. Take immunity in people, especially women, and weakness is increasing. In such a situation, there is a problem when a woman is pregnant. In today's time, it is generally seen that there is a lack of blood in women during pregnancy. This reduction does not go too normal, it is too much. In this way, we want to tell you two such things, that if a woman is eaten in pregnancy, then the lack of blood can be removed rapidly. Blood increases rapidly.

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Let's know who is it, two things-

1. Rasgulla

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Yes, to say it is a sweet but it is the perfect remedy adopted by the experts and the doctors adopted. Every day, 2 rasgullas feed away the lack of blood. It is only normal to increase blood, but also provides very good results in pregnancy. Not only this, eating rasgulla in pregnancy causes the child to be beautiful and beautiful. Even if you do not have a shortage of blood, still eat rasogolli in pregnancy.

2. Guar pods

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This is a vegetable, which usually gets in season only. If you are pregnant at the time of guar pod season, then this is a very good thing. Guar pods are beneficial for health anyway. And in the pregnancy, it also works to increase the blood.
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