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During pregnancy, every pregnant woman is excited about how the infant being born in the womb is developing, what every change comes in every day every day. Especially when the mother becomes a mother for the first time, she is very excited. As soon as she realizes that she is pregnant, she begins to have some kind of dream about the child born in the womb in her womb. Through ultrasound you can see the development of the baby in the womb. But what changes in the baby every month and how it develops, let us know in detail about this.

The first month of the baby in the womb

Firstly, the split cells of the uterus form a ball and take the shape of an embryo. After that, the umbilical cord and the rudimentary nerve in the body, which gives nutrition and oxygen to the child, begins to become active in the body. The heart, brain, lungs, spinal cord, etc. begin to grow in the body in the first month of pregnancy.

Second month

In the second month, the baby's heartbeat starts, the child's digestive system system, urine system, begins to take shape. At the same time, the baby's legs begin to grow, and the child's face also develops.

Infant development in the third month of pregnancy

In this month the child's limbs start to become slightly stronger and elbows, knees, lungs, etc. are clearly visible. At the same time, the eyes of the baby's eyes also develop.

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The fourth month

After the end of the third month you have to do ultrasound, during this time you can see the development of the baby in your womb. At this time, the development of child's hair and nails begins to accelerate, as well as strengthening of the joint of the child.

Infant development in fifth month of pregnancy

At the end of the fifth month, you also have to do an ultrasound and at this time the baby's fingers grow well, during this time some babies start sucking thumbs too. And at this time you can also feel the child's stir in the womb.

Baby development in sixth month

The baby's jaw starts to grow strong, all the parts of the baby are well developed in the womb, the heartbeats of the child begin to grow faster. And you begin to feel the baby's stir in the womb several times a day and a little better.

Infant development in seventh month

In this month, the weight of the baby starts increasing rapidly, now the infant begins to roam well in the womb, and when there is a strong voice, it starts stirring rapidly, that means its ability to hear is progressing. Now he begins to rotate his hands and feet well, as well as specializes in opening and closing the eyes too.

Baby development in the eighth month

This time of pregnancy is most special for the woman, because during this, the weight of the baby also increases rapidly, and the child starts moving very slowly in the womb, and the ending of this month, the baby will take its correct position. Starts in

Infant development in ninth month

During this time the baby is fully prepared to come out of the womb, and it can be born at any time. As well as the weight of the child, all its organs, the brain develops fully.

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So this is a baby journey from one to nine months in the womb, in which all its organs develop. And how the baby develops in the womb and prepares itself to take birth. During the pregnancy, the woman should take good care of her in order to develop the baby well in the womb. You should give a lot of nutrition to yourself so that you can get help in developing a baby in your womb better.
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