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In pregnancy, husbands need to keep these things

 The period on pregnant w/o woman. In such a situation, it is important for her husband to be aware of certain things related to pregnancy so that she can take care of everything in her irritability and need. Let's know what they say.

Having mood swings

In this period, if the woman is worried about something or is reacting more than that, then do not worry. It is common for mood swings this time. In pregnancy, it is normal for a woman to have a mental stress as well as physical, in such a situation her husband should understand the position of the wife and accompany him.

Food choices

Pregnancy also changes the habit of eating a woman's diet. Maybe he likes food first, now he does not feel good about it It may also happen that whatever she does not eat, she starts eating in pregnancy. Husband should not be disturbed because of his changing preference, but should be concerned about disliking his likes.


When the weight of a child growing in the womb increases, then it is difficult to handle the burden of the stomach. She starts feeling fatigued. In such a situation, he feels very tired, which needs rest for removing it, but it does not mean that he has become lazy.


foot massage

The way the delivery time of the woman comes closer, the weight changes. Due to the full load of the body on his feet, pain and swelling begin to occur. To get relief from this, she needs massage. Husband can massage her feet gradually. She will feel good.

Pregnant women should definitely eat peanuts

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Hello friends, you are very much welcome in News Health A to Z Friends eat peanut flavor and time in the winter season. But it is also very beneficial for health as it also has positive health qualities and it is very beneficial for pregnant women. During pregnancy, it is considered to be very good for strengthening the reproductive power of women, providing protection to the child in the stomach during pregnancy.

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Along with this, it helps in improving the memory capacity of pregnant women and its intake reduces the problem of diabetes and helps in the removal of pain in pregnancy, along with this pregnancy stress, leg pain, Waist helps in pain removal Pregnant women should eat 50 grams of peanuts daily because it enhances the process of blood formation and helps in prevention of cold cold, along with it keeps the body warm, which is very essential for a pregnant woman.

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