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"How to Keep Hair Healthy Than Right Health"

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Friends, nowadays people are troubled by many problems, such as hair fall and hair loss at a young age. Being hair fall or white reduces the beauty of the person. I also believe in it. The people whose hair is strong, dark, thick and tall are more of their beauty.If you want to please a woman then read this article till the end. Because women tend to love bigger than men's hair. Especially the hair plays an important role in the beauty of women.

Nowadays changing lifestyle, dirt, pollution, and lack of nutrients in the food, many problems arise in the hair. And at the early age, the hair becomes weak, brittle, lifeless and white. Today, we will tell you something that you will always be black and dense by applying it in a henna. And there will be no damage to your hair. Let's know about it.

necessary ingredients

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To keep hair always black and dense, we need a henna powder and almond oil. And you guys can use any kind of rosemary.

Recipe recipe

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Creating this recipe is very easy. To make this recipe, make sure to mix yeast powder and almond oil well in a vessel and paste it. And keep this paste on the gas and run it on a light gas. By doing so almond oil will be found in Mehndi well. And when the almond oil dissolves well in Mehndi powder, take it off from the gas and cool it. After cooling, place this mixture well in the hair roots. And when the henna dry well, wash the head with cold water. Wash the head with cold water. Applying this remedy for 4 consecutive weeks will make the hair grow long, strong, dark and dense. And with hair problems you will get rid of forever. This measure is to be done only once in 1 week.

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Sesame oil -

Eat more than sesame seeds in winter. Sesame oil also helps to darken hair. Sesame oil is the best and effective solution, it can be used in summer as well as in cold weather.

Onion paste-

For a few days, apply onion paste in the head daily for 1/2 hour before bathing. This will make the white hair black and long and dense. If you use it in the summer season, then it will be the best solution.

To make the hair dark and dark, this spiritual perfect remedy.

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Hair loss, baldness, dandruff and being white at an early age is common in today's time. According to astrology for all types of hair problems, planets have a special role. Today we will tell you about the astrological and spiritual solutions to hair problems. Apart from the removal of beauty and hair problems, various types of economic, mental, physical and spiritual benefits will also start to come.

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* To remove the problem of every type of hair, hold 8 face Rudraksha.

* Drinking water in silver filings brings shine and redness in the hair. Hair is black and dense for a long time.

* Keep water in water at night during the copper vessel. Put 5 mouth or 8 face rudrakas in it. Drink this water after taking Rudraksh in the morning.

* Put pure yellow mustard oil or pure coconut oil in the hair.

* In the morning, pray to the sun god and chant Hari Hreen Surai Namah.

* Take 100 grams of berry leaves on a Wednesday and grind them to make paste. Put this paste in the hair and keep chanting the Buddha Namah as well. Wash your hair after 45 minutes. Use it at least until Wednesday 7th. Do not use any type of soap shampoo etc during this period.

long hair free tips
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* At night, soak 50 grams of Indian Henna in an iron pan. Take 10 grams black katha, 1 lemon, 20 to 30 grams of curd, 20 grams of fenugreek seeds, amla, vermicelli, vermicelli, 15-15 grams, and 10 gram of brami powder. Exclude lemon and curd and grind all the ingredients to make the fabric finite. Now add all the grated wares, including indigenous Mehandi, to 250 grams of water in the pan. And it is a good way to fire on the fire. When thick paste is formed, let it cool down and let it cool down. On cooling, add lemon juice and curd to it. Then put this paste in your hair. Keep it for at least 1 hour, then wash it with water. Take care of the henna country itself. This experiment is to be done on Wednesday only. And while using it, keep chanting Buddha Mudhya Namah. Use this experiment on 11 or 21 Wednesday, surprisingly miraculous benefits.

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