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Nowadays, due to contaminated food, diseases have led to many diseases in people. That is why such situations are not possible if you do not have proper level of catering. The amount required for the body is necessary to identify the nutrients found in the grains and to consume them in a very appropriate manner. We all know that a species of wheat is barley.

But it is a light and very thick grain than wheat. Barley contains mainly lactic acid, salicylic acid, phosphoric acid, potassium and calcium. Barley is beneficial for barley, but barley is not less than that of barley. By taking this, the problem of abortion is removed. Barley flour can be eaten by making laddus by mixing it with ghee and dry fruit.

Due to poor and contaminated food, most people are troubled by the problem of calculus. People suffering from this disease boil barley in water. And drink with cold water. Apart from this, such people can also take barley bread, dhania and barley sattu. Adding honey in the barley of sour and Triphale, drink honey and eliminate obesity.

Apart from this, the person who is weak, becomes obese by making barley with milk and making it a kheer. Barley is beneficial not only as internal but also externally. If you are seen, mixing barley, gram, etc. with wheat, will help you digestion by eating their rotis by grinding them. It also keeps health healthy.

How are stones

The stone yarn stone in kidneys is formed when urine contains high amounts of calcium oxalate and uric acid, in winter, the outside temperature is low so the vaporization is low, thirst is low, but drinking less water can become a stone Danger increases because this is because salts are also released with urine but by drinking less water, this crystal kidneys and other parts of the urethra Gathered in charge building stone.

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Why is the calculus

There is no definite reason for the formation of stone. Stones are mostly caused by malfunction in the filter mechanism of the kidneys. For this reason, some chemicals become more in urine, which accumulate and make stones. Kidney stones are mostly made of minerals and salts. Most of the kidney stones are made in the kidneys, but it can affect any part of the urinary tract, such as kidney urinary vascular or bladder.

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What can be the problem with calculus

By the way, most of the kidney stones are trapped in the kidneys, but sometimes they get stuck in other parts of the urethra, when they are excreted with urine, which can lead to infection, there is a problem in passing urine, due to kidney stones, many in the stomach It hurts but if they are removed during the time, then there is no harm to the body.

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These foods also occur with stones

In winter, green leafy vegetables are consumed in large amounts, which also increases the amount of calcium oxal in the body, which can lead to stones, so if you have become a stone once, then reduce the intake of food in the winter in which oxalate The quantity is high in these beets, spinach, sweet potato, dry fruits, tea, pepper and soybean growers.

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Keep these things in mind

1) Consume excess water and fluid intake.

2) Reduce consumption of salt non-veg, dry fruits etc.

3) Do not let your weight grow.

4) If you have diabetes, keep the level of sugar in your blood low.

5) Exercise regularly.

6) If you have become the first stone then keep special care.

7) Show a doctor soon if any symptoms appear

There are two types of stones, take care of these things.

Pathari is one of the most dangerous diseases in which the patient suffers unbearable pain. To avoid this, many things have to be kept in mind. Its timely treatment is necessary. There are two types of stones in the kidney, one small and the second big. Treatment becomes easily when there is a small stone. But the treatment of the second stone is a little difficult and it has to endure a lot of pain too. Today we are going to tell you how to treat the stone.

To treat it, blood test, urin test, X-ray, stomach, sonography, stone analysis is done. If there is a stone in the kidney, treatment should start immediately. Due to non-remedial treatment, problems like urination, swelling in the kidneys, and kidney failure are present. other than this-

If you have a small stone then you can also do these remedies at home. Drink as much as possible, drink water. 3 to 4 liters of water is needed throughout the day. Saline water should not drink water of mineral bottle. Drinking so much water can peal two liters daily.

If there is a pain in the stomach, it should be happy, it means that the stone is coming downwards. Take the pen killer with the advice of the doctor.

The medicine of calcium supplements should also be taken by asking the doctor. If the stone is less than 8 mm then it is easily exited through urination.

Remove from your diet today, these 6 things can be

We indiscriminately add some such things to our diet which later causes stone or stone in the body. Due to the high amount of oxylet content, it makes the stone together with calcium contained within the body. Body of these things
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